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Carolyne Mas, 1985, Asbury Park Press
In 1985 while living in Asbury Park, New Jersey, I had an opportunity to work at a health food store - National Health and Nutrition - at the Seaview Square Mall. I likely read every book that the store offered during the down times when there were no customers, and it was there that my interest in complementary and alternative modalities first blossomed.

Fast forward to 2002, my life shifted from playing music to caregiving as not only did I become a mother to my son that year, but upon the death of my father I became caregiver for his sister. During this period of time, which lasted until 2008, I learned so much about healthcare and nutrition. My aunt would live to be 94 although her prognosis had been poor when I first began taking care of her. She was in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease and was bed-ridden, but with a healthy diet consisting of organic foods, she was able to be taken off of the anti-psychotic drugs she had been given to combat agitation. Her illness seemed to hit a plateau, which baffled doctors. It was also during these 6 years, however, that I would begin to develop arthritis in my hands from the repetitive motions of changing my aunt’s diapers. This would later on contribute to a major life change.

My son and my aunt on her 91st birthday in 2004
By the time my aunt passed away in 2008, it was apparent that my mother could no longer live alone so she moved in with us and thus began my second stint as caregiver, which would last until December of 2010 when my mother passed away at the age of 85.

It took some time for me to get back into playing music and by 2013 I was touring and recording again, mostly in Italy. By then, however, my hands began to bother me and I would wear hand braces to immobilize my aching thumbs in between shows. On the last gig I played in January of 2014, I had to wear a brace on my right hand in order to be able to play the piano. I knew then that this would be my last gig, at least for a long while.

It took me some time to actually make the move to enroll in college, and I began by taking classes online at Cochise College in the fall of 2015. I already knew that I wanted to obtain my BS in Integrative Health from Arizona State University, and I was very excited when I finally enrolled at ASU in the fall of 2016. I graduated summa cum laude in May of 2019.

Today, I am in graduate school at ASU, pursuing my Masters in Medical Nutrition. It has been my dream to help Baby Boomers like myself find optimum health at a time in our lives when we should be enjoying our accomplishments. It is exciting to be beginning a new journey, and I am so happy that our lives have intersected at this point in time.

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